Things Everyone Who Lives in a Small Town Understands

By Deanna Koens

If you live in Saskatchewan, I’m sure you know as well as I do that a lot of it is small town living. But let’s be real here; let’s take a moment to talk about a few specific things, okay?

1.      You might not know everyone in town, but you know what their car looks like… and their truck… and their other car… and their ATV….

2.      That look people who live in the city give you when you tell them you have to drive an hour to go to McDonalds makes you wonder if you’ve happened to grow a second head or wonder if there is a zombie behind you.

3.      Oh, and let’s talk about the look you give them when they say they don’t want to drive “all the way across town” (which only takes about fifteen minutes). I mean, can you even drive to go pick up your mail in that amount of time?

4.      Speaking of getting the mail, we all know the local post office is where you go to get all the latest gossip, right? And, trust me, you’ll be able to find out everything about everyone you (may not even) know.

5.      But, I mean, there are quite a few benefits too – right? There’s the strong sense of community and incredible support everyone shows when a new business opens up.

6.      Or how about the fact that, when winter hits, your neighbours will help you plow your driveway, boost your car, or check-in just to make sure things are okay?

7.      And when I moved here, I had a few neighbours bring baked goods, dinners, and even offer to let us borrow a couple tools until we were able to pick them up – things that my friends and family in the city were astonished to hear.

8.      Of course, word gets around fast in a small town, so if something happens you’ll be sure everyone will know it within a week or two. If you’re getting married, be prepared for people to stop you on the streets to congratulate you, and, honestly, if you don’t remember meeting them, chances are you haven’t met them.

9.      But hey, on that note, it’s easy to stay up to date on everything going on around town – from new stores opening up to deaths to who is moving into town to who is moving out of town to upcoming events and everything in between.

10.   And when you first move in, make sure you memorize who you bought the house from because people will come up and refer to your house as the old insert-name-of-last-owner house. This will go on for years. So don’t forget that name.

11.   On the plus side, you’ll probably never get stuck in traffic (or at a red light, for that matter) ‘cause chances are your town won’t even have traffic… or a light that turns red.

12.   And if you’re getting gas and forget your wallet, you can just run home and get it; in fact, you can probably even take your car home to get it. Although, if you really wanted to, you could probably just run there and back within a matter of minutes.  

13.   And the one good thing about the fact that McDonalds is an hour away? You don’t buy fast food that often. And ordering in is pretty much never going to happen.

Fast Food.jpeg