The Rhythm of Life

By Jeanine Lebsack

I look around me, and I see all the beauty that exists around me. I see the sun shining as it rises up over the hills. I watch as it floods the sky with its beautiful pinks, yellows, and blues. I walk out onto my deck with my tea cup in hand, and I’m struck by how blessed I am. The colours swirl and intermingle as the sun starts to rise in the sky. I wrap myself in my fuzzy blanket and sip my tea.

On this morning, I’m not thinking about my to-do list, what to make for dinner, or about the laundry that needs folding. For now, I simply sit back and enjoy the beauty and tranquility of this moment.

I pull out my book and spend a few delicious moments reading – my other love in life besides my family. Then, I finish up my journaling and personal development podcast and enjoy the peace.

These quiet moments hold such beauty and wellness for me as I start my day in a positive way. Soon, my quiet will be broken as my alarm goes off and it’s time to get my kids up for school. My oldest gets up and heads for the shower while I have to coax my youngest out of his bed. 

He demonstrates how he is so much like me as he stomps down the stairs (not a morning person). If he was old enough to drink coffee, I’m sure he’d demand to know where it is! We sit and snuggle under my cozy blanket as he adjusts to his wakefulness. After he gets his fill of Mommy’s cuddles, we have breakfast. 

By this time, he’s wide awake and filling every empty space with his chattering. I smile and realize just how precious and beautiful it is to hear his voice. The beauty of it is that he was speech-delayed for so long.  He only had a few words at two, and now, at eight years of age, there’s a word and comprehension explosion. I love to see his face when he says certain words like “delicious.” I watch as he says “I will eat up the no or throw maybe in the garbage,” when he doesn’t like something being said.

I marvel at how tall my oldest is has he trots across the room to grab his breakfast. It wasn’t so long ago that he couldn’t reach the cereal box. Now, here he is taller than me! Where did the years go? I recall the memory of when my husband and I brought him home. We let him sleep in his car seat in the middle of the living room as we were clueless on what to do next.

Now he’s soon to be a teenager and navigating a fast-paced world. 

My sons, the beautiful beings that they are, fill my life and my heart with their love and honesty. When it came to God blessing my husband and me with these two precious souls, we definitely hit the jackpot. There’s such a tenderness in the way they love and adore each other and us.

When life gets busy (and schedules get overwhelming) I casually joke around that we’re riding the crazy train or going to crazy town. I’ve been told I’m the mayor of it by my youngest son, as he’s such a character with his sense of humour. When I hear Ozzy’s Osbourne’s song Crazy Train, I crank it up and exclaim that it is “my jam.”

As I gaze at my kids now that they are up and ready for school, I’m struck  by the immensity of my love for them. I want to hold them and stop them from growing up so fast! I know that’s not possible, but time can just stand still for a little while so I can freeze the magic within these moments.

Yet life keeps moving, the earth keeps revolving, and being a mindful mommy passes as we start our day. I drop them off for school with a hug and kiss and a tear in my eye. I watch my sons grow and mature as I turn back the clock in my mind. It’s these moments I treasure the most.

It is time for me to carry on with my day. I tidy up my kitchen, unloading and loading the dishwasher while listening to my favourite radio station. There’s a mindfulness in the rhythm of my life. I notice this for a moment, and then I hear my washing machine sing its little tune that its cycle is complete. The laundry is done, and I tie up my running shoes before heading outdoors.

I start out by walking and then work up to a light jog. I’ve entered my Zen. I’m lost in the mindfulness of my footsteps; I hear my heart beating to the rhythm of life.