Mom Musings On The Go - Windscape 2019

I’m sure you have heard of the annual kite festival in Swift Current? I’ve been hearing more about it in the last couple of years, and it’s been on my list of things to do. This year, I made it to the SaskPower Windscape Kite Festival in Swift Current. Or Windscape 2019. I went at the end of June, so I’m very late in getting something written. Luckily, I took tons of photos to help me remember it all, and the experience was unforgettable. 

My sister, my son, and I loaded up the car, and travelled to Swift Current on a rainy June morning. We were making a weekend out of it because it’s a three hour drive. 

It rained most of the way there. This will be about the Kite Festival, but first a little Mom Musings about travelling with a practically potty trained tot. When he has to go, he has to go - even if we are in the middle of the highway. On this trip, we had to pull over to a safe area for him. I highly recommend a travel potty. However, I don’t recommend pouring rain while trying to set it up for him.

We got to Swift Current at around 2 so we went straight to the hotel to check in. We stayed at the wonderful Home Inns and Suites. After spending hours in the car, my son was content to just stay at the hotel and play with his cars. He was also excited to go in the hotel pool. Instead, we brought in our things, and headed for what was to be the highlight of our trip. Windscape 2019. He agreed to go, only because he got to wear his rubber boots. Puddle jumping is always a possibility. In this case, it was mud jumping. 

We put the address into Google Maps, and let the car direct us from there. What did we do before Google Maps? Because of the rain and mud in the parking lots, they had to close the parking area. They had a shuttle going from an arena in town, but we were lucky, and still found a spot right outside the closed parking lot. We parked and walked through the mud to the Festival. My son and I wore our rubber boots. Unfortunately, my sister didn’t have any, and ended up with a very dirty pair of shoes. 

 On Saturday, the name Windscape was definitely fitting. I wouldn’t be wrong in saying the weather was miserable. We arrived hungry around three, and unfortunately, the food trucks had closed. My kid was happy with the popcorn they were selling. My sister bought herself a kite, and I bought one for me, as well as a child one for Anthony. While I was buying my kite, Anthony slipped and fell in the mud while outside with my sister. Probably while trying to jump in it. I had a very dirty toddler. 

The kite performers were out, but the bleachers were wet, and it was pretty cold to sit and watch. We went to the hay bale maze first. Anthony loved running around it like a race car, and didn’t mind the dampness of the day. After we left the maze, we went to the kite flying area (for the non professionals). Just taking the kites out of the bags were work because of the wind. My sister got hers out, but Anthony and I gave up. We quickly decided go back to the hotel. It was cold, and we were hungry. 

We returned to the hotel because we promised Anthony some swimming. His favourite thing is a pool, and we were all able to warm up in the hot tub.

That night, I was watching from our window and saw a man and his son flying their kite outside. It was pretty fun to watch, and it was nice that so many people had travelled for the same festival as us. The weather was improving, and we had high hopes for Sunday. We were also able to see a glorious sunset from our room.

The next morning we woke up to sunshine. We had breakfast, and went swimming one more time, and left the hotel by checkout. It looks like there is so much in Swift Current to explore, but we only had time for Windscape. We’ll have to visit another time. 

Windscape is free to enter. With that being said, there are always places to spend money. As Anthony gets older, I’m sure we’ll spend more money in the kid’s areas. Walking from the now open parking lot, all we could do was stare at the bright blue sky in amazement. It was full of kites. All sorts of beautiful, strange, and wonderful kites. We loved it already. Saturday was interesting, and an experience, but the rain stopped a lot. As we walked into the festival area, we understood from one look why it’s such a great event. 

All the mud had dried which was nice because I was chancing it in my flip flops. There were tons of people walking around, and all the activities were ready to go, including some amazing costumed characters on stilts. The day before, most people were in the tents. 

We had our kites with us (which were a bit awkward with the toddler), but decided to watch some professional kite flying since the bleachers were dry. There are no words to explain what I feel about the choreographed kite flying shows. They were amazing. Amazing. I didn’t want to stop watching. Some of the shows were individual, others were with groups. Most were to music. I could have watched all day. We took a break from watching to visit the food trucks. The lineups were really long so my son and I went first while my sister held our spot and guarded the kites. It was a great way to try local food while watching the show. My son gets bored quickly, and he likes to move around, likes to run, and he likes to make noise. The kites were enchanting to all of us, even my incredibly active son. He loved watching the kites dance around. 

After we finished eating, we went to look at the other booths because we knew eventually, we’d have to head back home. There was a painting spot for kids. It started out as a blank canvas, and ended in beautiful colours as the kids came up to spray it with paint. They were given tubes to spray onto the wall, and they could pick their own colours. Anthony loved it.

To end our day, my sister and I did some kite flying while my son pretended he was a monster truck. The festival site is on the edge of the city, and the views are stunning - the prairies looking gorgeous, even more so with all the kites in the air. I heard they have kite flying lessons, and I think I’d be interested in that in the future when my beautiful son is older, and ready to learn himself.

It was a really fun weekend, and as usual great travel partners. We are already planning next year, and have invited more family to come with. 

Stay tuned for more On The Go Adventures Mom Musings from a Write at Home Mom.