Mom Musings On the Go: Trip Three

By Erin McCrea

Our trip over the long weekend was a short one. It was a busy week, and we didn’t spend a lot of time planning.

Before I write about the trip, I do need to talk about what we did on Saturday, as it was a very important day. It was my son’s birthday. We celebrated his third birthday. The weather cooperated, and we had a digging party outside for him. He was sick, but he still had a pretty great day. It was a lot of fun watching all of his friends come together for his birthday. He loved the friends, the cake, and the gifts. We’re lucky to have such amazing people in our life.

I cannot believe I have a three-year-old. I want life to slow down, but at the same time, I’m loving watching my son explore, discover, and learn new things. I’m so grateful to have him. I’m also ridiculously proud of him.

Now back to my regularly scheduled post:

After a relaxing morning on the holiday Monday, we headed out of town… but we didn’t have to go too far. We drove to a beautiful area just outside of Saskatoon – Valley Road. Valley Road is one of my favourite drives. There are so many wonderful places to stop along the road. I’m not going to dive into all of them throughout this article, but I will take the opportunity to write about many of them before the year is done. During this trip, we stopped at two locations.

Every Mother’s Day, we go plant shopping. My last ‘On the Go’ piece was about our Mother’s Day trip to Plenty, which means we didn’t get our traditional plant shopping in. Since my parents were already in town for Anthony’s birthday, we decided to make this week’s trip all about plants and family. Usually, it’s just my sister, my mom, my son, and I. This year, my dad and my partner joined in on the flower buying fun. Mostly, I think they joined in because of the Berry Barn lunch plans. Is it even possible to decline lunch at The Berry Barn? It was the holiday Monday which meant we were not the only ones with this idea.

We got on the list for a table and then headed out to admire the plants and flowers. If I had all the money in the world, I would definitely spend most of it buying plants and yard decor at The Berry Barn (and potentially every other greenhouse in this province).

Our little three-year-old embraced the plant buying extravaganza. He loved pointing out the pretty flowers, stopping to smell them, and running to the next one.

The wait for lunch didn’t seem to take long because we had a lot of distractions. We all met up to eat an amazing lunch after they called us in. I had the mushroom soup in a bread bowl. It was wonderful. Everyone in my family was impressed with their meal. None of us had room for dessert, but I know from past experience that it’s delicious.

The restaurant was full of happy families, including ours. Actually, the entire area was full of happy people. It was a fun sight to see.

We also got a chance to meet one of the new puppies. (They have two beautiful pups that have been added to the Berry Barn family.) They’re the sweetest and most gorgeous puppies.

After our fantastic lunch, we went for a little walk by the river and to the playground. The playground had wooden vehicles for the kids to play in. Anthony loves anything that involves vehicles so it was hard to tear him away.

We went back and picked our flowers. I was looking for plants to put in my hanging baskets, as well as a few for my flower gardens. We found a few wonderful and unique flowers that are currently hanging around my new writing area in my backyard. My mom and sister found some lovely plants as well.

I find that greenhouses are quite fun places to visit. You can shop with family or split up and admire what the others picked later. There is always a beautiful plant to admire that you missed the first time around. I could probably wander around them solo for hours. However, there’s something pretty amazing about watching the awe in a child’s eyes as they look at all the beauty surrounding them.

As we said goodbye to the Berry Barn, we headed to our next stop. We wanted to go to one more greenhouse before heading home.

We stopped at Floral Acres Garden Centre. My kiddo was sound asleep by this point so my partner waited in the car with him while we went in.

This time we did split up. My mom and dad headed outside to look at the rose bushes, and my sister and I looked at plants inside. I found a gorgeous succulent that I couldn’t say no to as well as a couple of other flowers that needed to come home with me. (They absolutely needed to.)

Other than plants and outdoor decor, they also had a section full of Saskatchewan-made products. I love the chance to find locally made products.

My family all found what we needed, and then we split up and headed home from there. The trip wasn’t big nor full of adventure; in fact, it encompassed places that we had been to before. We needed this. We needed to explore Saskatchewan in a small and fun way. Even the smallest trip will be full of wonderful memories. I don’t always need extravagant excitement. We took in hugs, laughs, walks, flowers, and family time… and I couldn’t ask for anything else.

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