Mom Musings On the Go: Trip Four

By Erin McCrea


For our last weekend in May, we decided to take in the Crossmount Spring Fair. We’ve been to The Glen at Crossmount and the Crossmount Cider Company before, but never for an event. If you haven’t been out there, I highly recommend it. It’s a fifteen-minute drive from my house in Saskatoon and just outside of the city.

They carry all local products. If you enjoy cider, they have delicious locally made cider. They have a patio, and they offer cider flights to try out the different kinds. It’s also child friendly. My kiddo doesn’t love to sit down for long, but that’s the great thing about Crossmount Cider Company. After you’re finished tasting ciders, you can take a walk around the property. They have a pond right next to the deck, and you can take a look at the orchard.

The cidery is part of The Glen at Crossmount. As you arrive, the first building you see can be used for events, but it also holds the Prairie Grounds Cafe, which offers delicious food and coffee. It’s in The Arts Barn, and attached to The Whimsy Store. This is a fantastic store full of locally made art, crafts, and products. I love the idea of finding beautiful Saskatchewan made gifts for people. The Whimsy Store used to be located on 33rd in Saskatoon; now it has made a wonderful new home at The Glen at Crossmount.

Now that I’ve described this hidden gem outside Saskatoon, I will talk about our experience at the Crossmount Spring Fair.

It was another family affair. We had the usual suspects: my son and his Aunt JoJo. My partner also came along with us. It’s always nice to have as many hands as we can get when we go to things like this with a three-year-old.

We drove there after a birthday party, which meant my kiddo fell asleep on the way there. He played hard at his friend’s party so he needed a nap to rejuvenate. Naps are rare now, but I’ll take them if they come along. He was a little groggy as we got him out of the car, but he was really excited to see that Aunt JoJo and Daddy had come along. The problem with arriving at places when he’s just woken up is that he doesn’t want to walk on his own. He is clingy and only wants love. I’m not complaining, but I am glad there were two other people to share the toddler love.

In the parking lot, we saw some beautiful cars. There was a Saskatchewan British Car Show taking place. Anthony would have loved it if he was more awake.

There were a few different things going on. We got there a little bit late so we had to pick and choose. The first thing we did was wait for a tractor ride around the orchard. The tractor ride was covered by donation to the Crossmount Memory Cafe. It is launching this summer, and will provide support and an educational community to those living with dementia and their caregivers. It’s definitely something that I support and such a great idea.

As you may have guessed, my three-year-old son loves (loves loves) tractor rides. The tractor had hay stacks to sit on, and he was really excited. The man driving the tractor offered all of the kids chances to drive the tractor (with the parents if they were little). I wanted to drive with Anthony, and I ended up edging out his aunt and dad. He was probably the youngest to drive. In my head, I pictured him with his hands on the wheels and me doing the actual steering.

I was wrong. My carefree, imaginary picture of my son’s first driving experience was not as sweet and wonderful in reality. My wonderfully independent son would not let me put my hands on the steering wheel.

“No Mommy! I do it MY SELF.”

He was not the best at steering. He’d go one direction towards the ditch… then steer towards other vehicles… then aim at poles. I’d try to steer in the other direction, and then he’d push my hands away. He didn’t last long. I didn’t last long and we may have scared everybody on the wagon. His next driving experience may not be for a very long time, and I’ll also consider letting somebody else drive with him.

After we (safely) returned back to our starting point, we walked around a little more. Like a good mom, I forgot to bring snacks for my son. They were in a different bag, so we stopped at the cafe for lemonade, an iced coffee, and carrot cake. Anthony LOVED the carrot cake. It probably made him happier than driving the tractor (but that might have been because I wasn’t trying to help). The iced coffee was also delicious.

They had a couple of other activities going on, but we decided to sit down outside and have some cider. They had a barbeque area set up and a stand for cider. Anthony had some water, while we tried out the cider.

This is a bit of a side note, but the Crossmount also hosts weddings. I am not married, and don’t plan to be married, but I can definitely imagine my non-wedding there.

After our ciders, we did one more walk around and enjoyed the peaceful area. They had a great turn out, but we didn’t feel crowded at all.

The afternoon was lovely, and we had a great time wandering around. Once again, the small adventures are sometimes the best adventures.

Stay tuned for more Mom Musings On the Go from a Write at Home Mom.