Round Lake Resort

Round Lake Resort


Mom Musings On The Go: Round Lake Resort, Ontario


This Mom Musings is not my typical weekend adventure. My son and I were leaving on a jet plane. (Much like the song, but with the addition of a toddler on the plane.) We were heading to a reunion in Ontario. 

Ontario is not a new adventure for us. My partner's family lives there, and we've been there at least once a year since we started dating. We spent the entire summer there last year in a gorgeous spot near Lake Ontario. 

The reason we were going was exciting for me, and the place we were going was new to both of us. 

I was going to meet up with a group of friends I travelled with from 1998 to 1999. We met in a program called Katimavik, and spent nine months together in three different Canadian provinces. We didn't know one another before we started the program, and when it ended in 1999, we all returned home to figure out what to do with the rest of our lives. I was 18 when it ended, and I have only recently fully decided what I would love to do with the rest of my life. It took me a while. 

There were 11 participants in our group. One left before the program was finished, but he was still invited to the reunion. Only three participants didn't make it to the extravaganza. Everybody else was there with family, and it was a pretty amazing experience. 

This Mom Musings is all about location as well as travels with my son. I'm not ready to write about the entire Katimavik reunion - 20 years later, but I’d love to share what I thought about the place we stayed.

It took a long time to plan for the time and the place of our reunion. We went back and forth about dates and places. One of the women from my group mentioned that her family had cottages they rented out during summer. It seemed like a sign to me. After a lot of discussion, we chose the long weekend in August, and the week following for anybody who was able to stay that long. Most just came up for the weekend. Those that travelled a long way stayed the week, including Anthony and I.

We were all able to split this cost, and her family was wonderful and helpful with finding us all beds. We had quite a few for the weekend, and couldn’t all fit in the same place. Although, in Katimavik, it would have been all the girls in one room, and all the boys in the other. It was harder to do this with families and dogs in the mix. 

Round Lake Resort is run by a wonderful family. They are so kind, and the place has so many wonderful personal touches. It’s about two hours from Ottawa, and right next to a little town called Killaloe. In case you ever get there, Killaloe is the birth place of Beavertails. We took a day trip there during the week. 

Round Lake Resort has six cabins - including an overnight cabin. Our group stayed in a few different places, but we met up at the cabin called the Rooster. It was bigger and that made it easier for us to visit and eat. We were lucky enough to make use of the lodge. The lodge is shared by everybody staying at the resort. It has games, books, and a toy section for the little ones. Anthony loved it. It also has comfy seating and places to eat. 

We met there on Sunday night for a potluck meal for our reunion, and were joined by our friend’s family. It was wonderful sharing a meal with the family taking care of everything. We all chatted with one another, and ate some delicious food. Everything was perfect. The lodge was the perfect place for us all to sit and share our lives with one another. It was also perfect because the kids could play while we talked. 

The best part of Round Lake Resort is the beach area. It’s a small beach with a wonderful swim area. They have canoes, paddle boards, paddle boats, and swim toys that can be used. It has a beautiful area to sit and enjoy the lake if you want a break from swimming. We spent a lot of time by the lake watching our kids play, and catching up on 20 years. 


It’s a very child friendly place which is good because almost all of us had kids. My son loved it there, but I did have to keep an eye on him. I didn’t want him to wander to the water without me. He’s just a little young to explore on his own. Luckily he had a few older kids watching out for him if I was busy. He could have spent all day, every day, in the lodge playing with the toy cars - he even tried to sneak a couple home. 

Each cabin has a kitchen and barbecue. The Rooster had a dishwasher which helped us out a lot. If we were missing anything from the kitchen, all we had to do was ask. 

Round Lake Resort has chickens that the kids can look at and pet if they wanted. Inside the lodge, we can purchase eggs as well as coffee that was available every morning to purchase. This was perfect our first morning because we realised nobody brought coffee. They sold hot chocolate and chocolate chip muffins as well. My son loved it. 


It was the perfect place for us all to meet up 20 years later. It was a gorgeous setting with a great group of people. We were able to relax, and get to know one another again. We’re already talking about our next reunion.

Road trips in Ontario are a lot of fun for me. As you know, I love Saskatchewan, but this provides a different beauty. Winding roads, lots of trees, and lakes. One other thing you will always find on road trips: Chip Trucks. It’s something I look forward to when I visit Ontario. Anthony and I always know we’ll find a place to stop to enjoy a poutine. We can almost always find ice cream as well. 

If you’re ever visiting this area in Ontario (or are near Ottawa), it’s worth the drive and worth the stay. 

Stay tuned for more On The Go Adventures Mom Musings from a Write at Home Mom.