Mom Musings On the Go: Our First Trip

By Erin McCrea


This is the official start to Mom Musings On The Go. Two years ago, my sister and I decided to spend one day each week travelling around Saskatchewan. We took day trips, visiting places both close and far from home. My son was our sidekick on all of our adventures.

Last year, we weren’t able to go on these adventures because my family and I were in Ontario for the summer.

We are bringing back the Saskatchewan escapades this year, and I thought it would be fun to write weekly pieces about our trips. These posts will be about exploring Saskatchewan as well as travelling with a toddler. Some trips will simply be to Saskatoon events, while others will include our experiences at other destinations throughout Saskatchewan. (If you hear of any events or know of any hidden Saskatchewan gems, please let us know!)

I hope to have an amazing summer doing amazing things. Sometimes, we will be heading for a chosen destination. Other times, we will get in the car and drive until we see something interesting.

Now that I’ve got the introduction done, it’s time to talk about our first adventure of the season.

Saturday was one of those days. We didn’t decide where we would stop, we just headed North. (By the way, I have no idea where North is. I’m more of a left-right, past-a-town-I-know kind of  person.) We went from Saskatoon to Martensville to pick something up and grab some milkshakes for the road.

As I share photos, I need to point out that the sky was gorgeous in every photo and during the entire trip. In reality, though, it was almost too windy to spend much time outside. We hadn’t yet reached the warmth of May.

We drove past Martensville. I’m going to be honest: I don’t think I’ve ever driven farther north than Martensville. I’ve been a lot of places in Saskatchewan, but not many in that direction.

We didn’t know exactly where we were headed, but we decided we’d stop at some small communities to see what they held.

We saw a sign for the Farmyard Market. The sign was in the perfect place to give us time to find the market. There have been so many times that I have driven passed my destination because my brain didn’t process the turn in time.

We drove into the farmyard, and were immediately excited. They have a store with all local, home-grown foods. The store is full of meat, baked goods, and perogies. In addition, it has Saskatchewan-made items.

Sunnyside Dairy is also in the same yard. They have milk on tap. It takes coins and you can bring your own container or buy a jar from the store. You can see the cows as soon as you get out of the car. (They have many other animals as well, but that’s all we saw.) We walked over to see them, but Anthony was quick to point out that “cows are stinky.” He got over it quickly as there were too many fun things to see.

We explored the store first. I bought so many great things – beeswax wraps (reusable wraps that I can use instead of saran wrap), perogies, and Saskatoon berry pie.

We also purchased jars to get some fresh milk. I have since used this delicious milk in a homemade creamer and in my coffee. It’s creamy and delightful, and the food we bought was incredible. We will definitely be going back there. Actually, we will be heading back there on June 1st for Cookies and Milk Day.

We kept driving north from there. We watched for signs and made stops when we saw something that interested us.

We turned at a sign for Hepburn and drove into the beautiful town, stopping first at the museum. Unfortunately it wasn’t open. My mom gave me some advice later about museums in small towns. She said sometimes they have a note on the door with a phone number, and they may come to open it up for you. I don’t know if there was a number for this one, but it’s a solid tidbit to remember while we are on our travels.

The museum was located at the elevator. Even though it wasn’t open, we explored a little because there were lots of old vehicles we thought Anthony would enjoy. Unfortunately, he woke up from a nap grumpy and didn’t appreciate being brought into the wind. Travelling with a toddler is tricky that way. It’s hard to say if you’ll get the attitude, the temper tantrums, or happiness. We may stop there again some time. I’ll have to look into events this summer.

When we got back onto Highway 12, we headed back toward Saskatoon. We knew we’d see something along the way that would catch our attention. We were looking for some small town fun.

We spotted a sign for Waldheim and turned onto the highway. The town was actually quite busy because it seemed to be hosting a community garage sale. If my sister and I had cash with us, we would have been a lot more excited about it. I love garage sales. As a child, I hated going with my parents, I hope my son has more patience than I did. The museum there was closed as well, so we stopped at the park to play for a bit. Anthony can forgive the wind if there is a park involved. This particular park was beautiful, and I jumped at the chance to get out of the car for a walk. It was also nice to find something to do.

Both Hepburn and Waldheim had fake railway tracks, so we seized the opportunity to take photos in both places.

After we got back into the car, we headed home. Albeit a small adventure, it was fulfilling to get out and explore. My favourite experience was at the Farmyard Market. I can’t wait to go back.

The day wasn’t filled to the brim with activity, but I’m sure we’ll be able to find so much more to do as the weather warms up. Even with the wind and the random touring, we were happy to see the land of the living skies – the beautiful prairie – living up to its name. We truly live in a beautiful province. It’s sometimes easy to forget that when you grow up here.

My next piece will be about our Mother’s Day trip. We’ll be heading to my hometown to spend the day with our momma. I will be taking a lot of photos along the way because it’s a gorgeous area.

Stay tuned for more Mom Musings On the Go from a Write at Home Mom.

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