Nutrien Wonderhub


At the end of June, Saskatoon became a little bit more amazing. I love Saskatoon so this is saying a lot. As a parent, I can say with certainty, that Saskatoon just got better. I’m lucky I had my son when I did because there are so many great places to take kids. I could name them all, but that’s a whole different post. I want to talk about the wonderful new addition that has everybody so excited.

On June 28th, Nutrien Wonderhub, Saskatoon’s new Children’s Museum, opened. I went for the grand opening, but didn’t want to write about it right away. I wanted to visit a few more times with my son so I could see everything. I’m not sure if I’ve seen it all yet, but I still want to write about it.  

I went on opening day with my son and some friends. Our plan was to be there as soon as it opened, but parking was a bit of an issue. I’ve been there two other times, and I think it might continue to be an issue at busy times. We missed the ribbon cutting because we were driving around, and trying to find a parking spot. Luckily, we did arrive at the same time as our friends so we all waited in line together. We waited 45 minutes to get in. I’m not complaining. Anybody who went on opening weekend should have expected the wait. The good news for my friend and I: our three year olds did pretty good. They were very patient. 

We finally got in, and paid for admission. On the opening weekend, you could stop by after and get a membership with the admission taken off. I was pretty sure I’d get memberships for Anthony and I, but I wanted to check it out first so I’m glad they had the option.

Let me start out by saying there was no way we were able to see the whole place in one visit. In fact, three visits later, and I think there are still areas we haven’t discovered yet. 

We started in the toddler area. This area was definitely my son’s favourite stop. It was hard to convince them to leave. It’s called Little Bridges, and is full of trains and bridges, and other fantastic toddler activities - including a really big light bright! 

The main area is Toon Town. It’s got play areas for the kids. They have restaurants, food trucks, vet’s office, farm yards, construction areas, and so much more. This area is all about imagination and play. It’s always changing so Anthony finds something new every time.

From there, we headed to the North Woods and Gathering Place. There are trees, and building blocks in one room with a little reading area. The other has a pretend campfire for the kids to sit around. There is also a section with a canoe and fishing poles that the kids all love. 

On our first visit, we didn’t make it to the North Gallery. We knew we would be back, and didn’t want to overwhelm the kids. There was also a line up to get to the area.

We decided to go downstairs and check out the Discovery Mine. This place has great potential, and my son could almost love it. Unfortunately, the pretend elevator ‘down’ to the mine turned him against it. I haven’t been able to convince him to try again. He and his friend both hated the elevator ride. They yelled at us to go back up. Once we got down, he was mad because of the ride, and was unwilling to enjoy it. He wanted to go back ‘up’. I’ve heard from so many parents that their kids loved it, and I hope that someday Anthony will give it another chance. It had a lot of really cool machines and activities for kids. 

We had spent almost two hours in Nutrien Wonderhub at that point, and we decided to call it a day. That’s about as much as my toddler can handle. On the way out, I did buy us memberships because I know they’ll get great use. 

The second time I went, we stopped at some of our favourite places from last time, and explored other spots. Little Bridges remains my sons favourite. 

This time we made it to the North Gallery. We arrived early so we were lucky it wasn’t very busy yet. In the North Gallery, you can find Boxes o’Fun. These are boxes filled with items for kids to experiment with light, sound, and movement. One of them had costumes with a screen with fun backgrounds so we could make a mini movie. We also had the option to email it to ourselves. There is also an area on the wall with Airways to send scarves and giant poms through them. It’s pretty fun to watch them fly through the airways. The most exciting part of the North Gallery is the Cosmic Commotion. It’s a crocheted climbing structure. I will add photos because my describing it won’t do it justice. It is a permanent installation from artist Toshiko Horiuchi. Anthony did a bit of climbing, but didn’t go very far. We’ll be trying it out again.  It’s amazing.

We also went back to the lower level. Anthony told me we were not going to the mine, but there are so many other things to explore down there. The spotlight feature is Parks Canada. It’s a setup similar to Saskatchewan’s National Parks. It has a giant tent in the middle for the kids to crawl in.

The lower level also has a Creative Spaces section. Anthony spent a lot of time in it. They have so much to do in two different areas. He loved the wall tunnels, and making balls go through them. There is also a crafting area for kids to the side. He hasn’t done that yet, I know we will. 

This is a bit of a glimpse into our experience at the Nutrien Wonderhub. We will be there on many rainy days, and on the cold days when summer sadly ends.

This is a wonderful addition to Saskatoon, and we are so lucky to have it open. It’s also pretty amazing that it’s right across the street from Kinsmen Park. It’s even more amazing that you can go for a walk by the river after. It’s definitely in a great area.

If you haven’t been to Nutrien Wonderhub, please go. It will be worth your time, and make your little one very happy while burning off energy. Also, I’m looking forward to the cafe they’ll be opening.

Stay tuned for more On The Go Adventures Mom Musings from a Write at Home Mom.