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In Adoration of Autumn’s Beauty

By Jeanine Lebsack

Autumn makes me feel warm and cozy as I pull my sweaters and turtlenecks out of storage. As I walk in the crisp fall breeze and hear the leaves crunching beneath my feet, I feel magic in the air.

On Sunday, I took a walk along the river with my son. I saw so much fall beauty. I admired the picturesque landscape of the leaves changing colour, the emerald water, and the pale softness of the driftwood along the edge. We stopped and threw rocks into the river, and I taught him the fine art of skipping stones along the water.

As the sun shone and glistened off the waterway, I wanted to curl up on the grass and take a nap. With the breathtaking colour, sound of the birds chattering above, and the reflection of the sun gleaming off the river, I felt like I was in a painting. 

Autumn makes me think of everything pumpkin, applesauce, and apple cider. And the comfort foods! Let’s talk about beef stew, chilli, and potato cheddar bacon soup.

I love raking up big plies of leaves and taking turns jumping into them with my kids. There's something so wonderful, carefree, and magical about that sensory-pleasing crunch as my body falls into the pile. I have leaves in my hair, sticks in my sweater, and a sweet smile of satisfaction on my face.

As sad as it is to say goodbye to summer, I say a warm hello to chai pumpkin spice lattes, and this particular fall day felt like summer with a high of +27 as the sun kissed my face and warmed the earth.

I have visions of carving pumpkins and finding the silly and scary patterns to entertain my little trick-or-treaters. And, yes, my family is very big into Halloween! We decorate inside, outside, and ourselves (to our kids delight). I'll be out there in our neighbourhood in my costume with our sons as they collect candy with me. 

So as I write this now, the sun is setting, and it's time for the hamburger casserole I made to make it into my little ones’ tummies. As I take the hot apple pie out of the oven and sit down to the yummy dinner I've prepared, I'm feeling grateful. I say hello, fall – cheers to you and all your splendid magic. Thank you, God, for painting the background in your autumn beauty.

What's on your fall bucket list this year?