Mom Musings On The Go: Round Lake Resort

"It was the perfect place for us all to meet up 20 years later. It was a gorgeous setting with a great group of people. We were able to relax, and get to know one another again."

Mom Musings On The Go: Nutrien Wonderhub

"This is a bit of a glimpse into our experience at the Nutrien Wonderhub. We will be there on many rainy days, and on the cold days when summer sadly ends. This is a wonderful addition to Saskatoon, and we are so lucky to have it open."

Mom Musings On The Go: SaskPower Windscape

Walking from the now open parking lot, all we could do was stare at the bright blue sky in amazement. It was full of kites. All sorts of beautiful, strange, and wonderful kites. We loved it already.

Things Everyone Who Lives in a Small Town Understands

"On the plus side, you’ll probably never get stuck in traffic (or at a red light, for that matter) ‘cause chances are your town won’t even have traffic… or a light that turns red."