How Can We Embrace a Miracle Mindset When Global Tensions Seem to Be at Their Peak?

By Casey Balon


Photo By Carey Shaw Photography

Photo By Carey Shaw Photography


September 24, 3:43pm

It is entirely possible to live a life anchored in miracles; in order to do it, you have to expand what you believe to be possible.

Living through the lens of love over fear isn’t necessarily an overnight process.

It requires the acknowledgment of the baggage you have accumulated – rewriting disempowering stories that were written in conditioning, failing forward, stumbling, getting up again, leaning in some more, releasing the resistance, surrendering, breaking down… and doing it over and over again in new ways.

It feels like there will be a destination of sorts; perhaps you assume you will eventually attain a perfect balance. But here’s the thing: You have always been whole. You have always been of Love… and this life has still been a ride.

In reality, you wake up one day and realize how immensely your perspectives on the world have shifted, expanded. Perhaps it occurred over a lifetime of integration, or maybe it seemed to occur rapidly, but it didn’t necessarily happen in a split second.

It didn’t need to.

From this peaceful, empowering viewpoint, you can celebrate every ounce of your life experience thus far. In a very real way, you come to see the spaciousness that is available to you in every present moment.

For the majority of us, there are still circumstances where we lose our footing or respond from our egos instead of the seat of our souls. From time to time, we will close our eyes again – forgetting for a moment what we have finally recognized as Truth – but we will never fully fall asleep again.

You can’t now.

It is now you’re responsibility to continue to rise, continue to lead, continue to answer what calls you – those inspirations beckoning you to dance with them.

In order to live in accordance with the flow of life, you must ensure you are available to listen – to slowly, truly listen. Let me say that again: to fully receive the guidance that is always available to you, to hear the internal knowings, you’re going to have to reveal space. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to clear your calendar, you simply have to lean into the power of the present moment – the power of Presence.

Sometimes the “noise” of the broader media, even social media, is brought into your awareness, and it is your responsibility as a conscious human being to process this information with care – to hold it like an egg with the thinnest of shells and not pass it on without internal inquiry. You have this gift of intuition (your gut instinct, your bullshit meter), which creates the space needed for hypocrisy to float away. Once you allow the patterns of reaction to dissolve, you can learn to simply observe, breathe, and give yourself the space to respond.

You see, as the collective has been awakening (and it seems that with the rise of social media this has perhaps, at least in part, been accelerating in recent years) there has also been this backlash of sorts. This part of the collective voice is essentially suggesting that the spiritual conversation needs to shift from “light and love” and focus more on using our voices to actually ignite change.

In a way, I certainly agree. It is time spiritual leaders rise even more into their full expression. These awakened folks are in fact vessels capable of raising the collective consciousness and creating immense impact on the world. (Take a look at the work of Marianne Williamson, for example. She is creating waves that are changing the course of the political discussion.)

There is an essential aspect of this call to action that I want to shine a light on: when we draw a line in the sand that separates the conversations between being the light and changing the world, we are bypassing the point. The conversation surrounding ‘light and love’ actually is the essential spark for igniting the change we seek.

There is no need to distinguish duality between self-actualization (the collective spiritual awakening and expansion of consciousness) and taking aligned action in service of humanity. They are one in the same.

When we describe every shadow embedded within this human experience as being of Love – when we speak to the truth of the Spirit that runs through All That Is – we illuminate, within that message, that all of this human experience is a beautiful blessing we get to dance with. We ignite a spark of awakening for our fellow friend.

Even what we perceive as dark and corrupt – whether it be in relation to human rights, prioritizing the needs of Mother Earth, the economy, etc. – is calling for our voices in the light. Every cause is calling us to rise into the truest vibrational expression of what we are as we take the aligned action needed to transmute it from fear into Love. Every injustice, every violation, every circumstance can be alchemized.

There is always a call to shift what is not in alignment with our truth into alignment, into the light, all while embracing – truly loving – the wholeness of our human experience.

I get it. It doesn’t seem like it can be an easy journey. Our egos put up a hell of a fight, attempting to convince us that we are separate from one another in every way.

The next time you are feeling a heavy impact – whether due to the observation of acts of corruption, perceived outrage translated from the media, or the expression of darkness through people in positions of power – I want to remind you, in the most intentional and loving way possible, that those emotional triggers within you are illuminating a couple of beautiful things:

#1) A light is being shone on what is asking for contemplation and healing within you – particularly in regard to how you can bring who you are being in the world into alignment with your truest self.

#2) It is time to create space (give yourself a moment of breathing room) so you can you ask your soul how you are being called to take aligned action in regard to the particular issue or cause that is stirring something within you. If we do not give our truest essence the space it needs to be heard (if we don’t allow fear to dissolve long enough to tap into direction from God, the flow of the universe, our gut instincts), then we are declining to receive the essential guidance that is available to us all.

Yes, often times we need to move and take action in the fog, leaning into just the next step (or leap) when we don’t clearly see an outcome, but we also need to be still and get out of our own way long enough – as a collective and on an individual level – for the Truth to lead the way.

There is a distinct difference between “rising up” and “fighting.” We do not need to fight anymore. We need to listen; we all need to take radical responsibility for the pain. We need to transmute and alchemize all expressions of fear into Love as we move with intention.

Much of humanity has gotten distracted as we have attempted to create more separation from a dogmatic perspective (as well as a rejection of such), but no prayer has been lost. No meditation, no embodiment of Love, no act of service.

Your vibrational state – how you be in the world – is quite literally healing the planet. It is not time to play small. It is not the time to squabble over the details of our value systems, so whether you seek or Know through the lens of a specific belief framework, or simply through the gaze of your dog’s eyes, let’s release the need to be right so that we can actually be the Light that we seek.

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